Ralph Evangelista, CPA, gives one of the 429 NJSCPA Pay It Forward high school presentations

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photo 1The following article first appeared at NJSCPA as part of their exploration of the pay-it-forward program. Frazer Evangelista is proud to have been a part of this incredible experience for students across New Jersey.

You can find the original article by clicking here.

During the last several years, as career opportunities for Certified Public Accountants have expanded dramatically, accounting has become one of the fastest growing majors at U.S. colleges and universities. That’s what more than 10,000 students discovered in November when CPAs visited 178 high schools across the Garden State and gave 429 presentations (all record numbers) discussing the exciting career opportunities that are available to students who study accounting.

The presentation was part of the annual statewide Pay It Forward campaign initiated by the New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJSCPA) to alert students to the lucrative career opportunities available to those who pursue an accounting degree. As working professionals, these NJSCPA members are able to give students a realistic picture of what it takes to succeed in accounting and the rewards accounting professionals can expect. Even in today’s uncertain economy, there’s still a strong demand for new accounting graduates. The U.S. Department of Labor projects 22-percent growth in accounting careers by 2018. Yahoo! Education ranks an accounting degree as the third “hottest” degree and a safe bet for the future. As an increased benefit and to encourage students to enter the accounting field, the NJSCPA operates New Jersey’s largest professional scholarship fund. In 2013, the NJSCPA Scholarship Fund awarded more than $465,000 in scholarships to 80-plus high school casino and college students to support their studies in accounting.

The Pay It Forward presentations include videos that allow students to learn about the rewarding career of a CPA, fun facts and an overview of the range of career choices available after graduation. “Pay It Forward is an important program because it awakens students to the variety of experiences one can have in accounting,” says Robert A Fodera, CPA, a partner at ParenteBeard, LLC. “Personally, I enjoy seeing that spark in a student when he or she realizes: ‘Hey, it”s not all about numbers, and this might be a really good career for me.’” To learn more about Pay It Forward or to watch a sneak peek of the presentation, visit the Society’s website at njscpa.org/index/students/educators. For questions, contact Janice Amatucci at 973-226-4494, ext. 209, or jamatucci@njscpa.org. –read more